‘Dungeon Falan’ is a Love Letter to the Classic ‘Dungeon Raid’ that’s in Limited Open Beta Right Now

Happy Doze first popped on our radar back in the spring of 2018 when they were gearing up to release their online multiplayer platformer Planet Runners (Free). One of the main developers on that project, Burc Tuncer, was also working on a smaller side project called Bit Quake ($0.99), which was a pretty awesome platforming arena shooter. In the fall of that year, Bit Quake arrived in September, and then Planet Runners arrived in November. Then in the spring of last year, Tuncer released a game called Mini PvP ($0.99) which was sort of a mashup of concepts from the previous two games: An arena-style platform shooter but with online multiplayer. Sadly none of these games really moved the needle all that much, and so Tuncer went out and got a “real job” and has hung his indie developer hat up for the past year or so. Except, it wasn’t totally hung up, because in the spare time from that day job he’s been working on a new project called Dungeon Falan which he describes as a love letter to the classic Dungeon Raid. Check out a very early and very brief trailer.

Tuncer says that Dungeon Raid is “perhaps my all-time favorite mobile game, even after all these years” and I know for a fact there are tons of mobile gamers out there who feel the same way. Sadly the Dungeon Raid guy has pretty much fallen off the map, and while he did release a game back in 2015, Dungeon Raid itself hasn’t been updated in nearly a decade. Many Dungeon Raid homages have come in its wake, but nothing has really captured the hearts of people like the original. Will Dungeon Falan fare any better? Maybe! And you can find out for yourself if you want to try and get in on the beta test for it that’s taking place right now. You can find a link to the Testflight in the thread in our forums, but Tuncer does note that this is “Phase 1″ of the testing and that it’ll be limited to just 500 spots. So if you’re keen to check it out act fast, and we’ll keep our eye on Dungeon Falan and cross our fingers that it ends up filling that giant Dungeon Raid-shaped hole in our hearts.