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Dycha shines, ENCE beat BIG to qualify for Legends Stage at PGL Stockholm Major

ENCE have become the fifth team to qualify for the second stage of this year’s CS:GO Major. The European squad took down BIG today in a lengthy, three-map thriller.

ENCE came into the PGL Stockholm Major hot after finishing second at IEM Fall 2021: Europe and qualifying for IEM Winter this month. Thus, many pundits expected them to swiftly go through the Challengers Stage of the event.

After today’s victory against BIG, the European side have reached that goal. But it wasn’t as easy as some thought it’d be since ENCE lost against FaZe earlier this week and had a tough game against BIG.

Dycha’s team started the series with a 16-10 loss on Dust II. But the first map was picked by their opponents, so ENCE bounced back on Mirage, which they won 16-8. It all came down to the decider map, Nuke.

BIG put up an impressive T-side by winning six rounds in the first half. Still, ENCE’s offensive was even more remarkable. They started with five round wins, putting themselves two wins away from claiming the series. The German side tried to pull off a comeback but fell short during one of ENCE’s eco rounds, which sealed the deal for the Finnish organization. ENCE took Nuke 16-10.

Dycha was in the spotlight of today’s match. The Pole finished the series with the most kills (67), damage (92.5), and best 2.0 rating (1.33) on the server.

BIG will have one more shot at qualifying for the Legends Stage. The Germans will return tomorrow for their final series during the Challengers Stage.

You can stay up to date with the PGL Stockholm Major scores, standings, and schedule here.

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