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Faker has only lost one game against a North American team so far in his career

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship is taking a short break following the conclusion of the quarterfinals. There are no North American teams left in the tournament after Cloud9 lost to Gen.G on Monday, Oct. 25. 

Only four teams remain at Worlds 2021: T1, DWG KIA, Gen.G, and EDward Gaming. And T1’s mid laner, Faker, has an impressive record against NA teams in his career, as originally pointed out by Reddit user samfwayne7. The Korean legend has only lost one game against an LCS team while posting 23 wins.

T1’s well-known mid laner first went up against a North American team during Worlds 2013. Back then, as a part of SK Telecom T1, Faker ended up in Group A alongside TSM. Reginald’s squad tried to defeat the 2013 world champions twice but failed to do so both times. 

Over the years, multiple LCS representatives, like CLG, Cloud9, and Team Liquid, have tried their luck against the legendary mid laner. But only one team was successful. During 2016’s Mid-Season Invitational, SKT T1 fell short against CLG in the group stage once. In the same tournament, however, the North American squad lost to Faker’s team four times, including a 3-0 series win for T1 in the finals. 

North America once again tried to take down the king of the mid lane at Worlds 2021, where LCS champions 100 Thieves ended up in Group B with T1. But 100T faltered and lost twice, missing out on the playoffs as a result.

Now, Faker has his sights set on the Summoner’s Cup again, trying to claim it for the fourth time in his career. And he’s two best-of-five series away from doing just that. His next opponents will be DWG KIA, though, the defending world champions. That match is scheduled for Oct. 30. 

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