Famed Halo Composer Wants To See Master Chief In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 

Famed Halo Composer Wants To See Master Chief In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
Famed Halo Composer Wants To See Master Chief In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 

Super Smash Bros is quite the iconic video game franchise for Nintendo. It’s been around since the Nintendo 64 platform where fans would be able to dive into a platform fighter that featured several iconic Nintendo characters. However, over the years we’ve seen new installments released into the market that added additional characters from not only the Nintendo IP but other iconic video game franchises outside of Nintendo’s control.

The latest installment to the franchise is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which came out for the Nintendo Switch. Overall, it features the same kind of gameplay but instead of just a collection of fighters that might appeal to fans, Nintendo went all out. In this installment, Nintendo brought back every fighter featured in the franchise so far. That’s a massive collection of fighters, but to make things even more thrilling, there have been several new fighters announced for the game.

Those that have been following this installment have been waiting for the next big character reveal from Nintendo. We’re not sure just who will be added into the mix next as it’s usually a big mystery with hype leading up to the reveal. One of the crossover characters fans have been wanting to see is Master Chief from Halo.  

In fact, alongside fans, the former composer to Halo, Martin O’Donnell has expressed interest in bringing Master Chief into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. During a podcast called Kiwi Talkz, the composer was asked if he would be interested if requested to help compose a Halo theme if Master Chief was brought to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in which he admitted that he would love to be asked. For now, there’s no word on if Master Chief is joining the fight over the Nintendo Switch and to top things off, Martin O’Donnell might have helped bring out an iconic franchise but he hasn’t been with Microsoft in several years. This could be wishful thinking on both fans and the composer’s part, but for now we’ll have to wait and see just what partnerships come out next for this Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Source: Gamerant, YouTube