Fans Hate The Sims 4’s New “Sperm” Eyeliner, So Modders Removed It

The Sims 4 recently got a large update prior to the release of its Eco Lifestyle expansion, but fans aren’t happy with all of the new additions. In particular, the new Mac makeup for Create-A-Sim has garnered a particularly strong reaction from players, with several referring to it as “sperm eyeliner,” for obvious reasons.

While fans could just avoid using the eyeliner on their Sims, the unfortunate reality is that the game uses all clothing options when it creates random “townies” to populate its different areas. Because of this, modders have already introduced ways to remove the makeup from the game entirely, including one that removes it for random Sims, and another that replaces it with a less suggestive alternative.

Eco Lifestyle is the latest expansion pack for The Sims 4, having released in early June. The expansion allows players to grow their own food in a new vertical garden. You can also dumpster dive for new furniture. The expansion costs $40, and in its wake, developer Maxis had to patch out an odd bug that caused Sims to urinate fire. Earlier this year, EA announced that The Sims franchise had passed $5 billion in lifetime sales. There’s been no word yet on how many Simoleons that converts to, but it’s probably quite a lot.

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