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FaZe Clan eliminated from NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier with loss to Version1

The mighty have fallen, and FaZe Clan’s train of momentum has been derailed for the remainder year after their loss to Version1 in the lower bracket of the North American VALORANT Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifier.

Many didn’t expect FaZe Clan to win the LCQ, but few expected them to be out of the tournament this early, and especially to the hands of the two teams that sent them packing.

On Icebox, FaZe Clan started off strong with the first two rounds under their belts, but V1 ran away with the next nine rounds before FaZe were able to stop them again. The second half of the map was more back-and-forth than the first half, but FaZe weren’t able to recoup their losses from the nine-round run, and lost Icebox 13-10.

Then came time for FaZe to have their map pick played. They chose Breeze, and all seemed to be working out for them even with the half ending at a draw. In the second half, V1 grabbed a few rounds, shaking FaZe’s resolve. They weren’t able to snatch back enough rounds in time and lost their map pick 13-10.

V1 is also not a team that fans expect to make it to the end. They’ll go on to face XSET next, who put up a fair fight against 100 Thieves back on the first day of the tournament before it got postponed. Even if V1 makes it past XSET, it’s likely that they’ll have a rematch against C9 in the lower bracket.

FaZe Clan has had a roller coaster of a season, which concludes with one appearance at the very first Masters event but not much else. Although they are known for their rushes and Andrej “babybay” Francisty’s wild Jett plays, it wasn’t enough.

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