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FaZe Swagg Reveals Warzone Settings

Call of Duty

Photo by Variety

FaZe Swagg is one of the most popular Warzone content creators at the moment and he revealed his latest Warzone settings in a new video.

Swagg is also apart of the group, Nuke Squad, who also got added to the FaZe roster earlier this year.

In the video above, FaZe Swagg showed off a Warzone gameplay using his latest settings and revealed them later on in the video.

Swagg is not just any Call of Duty content creator, along with humor, he brings the skill as well. He became famous off of his old Ground War high kill gameplays with friends from Nuke Squad.

As Warzone came out, Swagg’s channel gained a lot of traction and sky rocketed him to the major content creator he is today.

Some of his more important new settings include:

Swagg is known for his fast-paced game style and it shows in his settings as he plays on a higher than average 7 sensitivity. Another part of Swagg’s gameplay is that he is a controller player who is on PC.

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