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FIFA 22 Rulebreakers Promotion Revealed; Releases Oct. 29

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers promotion was revealed and confirmed for an Oct. 29 start date.

Rulebreakers replaced the Ultimate Scream promotion in FIFA 21 as EA Sports moved away from events associated with holidays. Likewise, FUTMAS was replaced with FUT Freeze. Rulebreakers still follows the same formula, more or less, as Ultimate Scream with cards receiving unlikely statistic boosts to change how they operate in game.

Here’s a look at the card design revealed in the loading screen.

The Rulebreakers card design is by far the best one released so far. The pink and neon yellow/green theme pops off the card. Additionally, the shattered glass coming off of the card gives off the promotion’s vibes of breaking out of their normal positions.

As far as content is concerned, fans should expect two promotional teams. The first releasing Oct. 29 and the second on Nov. 5. It’s unknown if EA Sports plans to add new players to the squads each Sunday as the developer has done so far with Ones to Watch and Road to the Knockouts. Since Rulebreakers isn’t a live event, perhaps EA Sports chooses not to for Rulebreakers.

Fans can also expect Squad Building Challenge and objective items to release during the promotion. There should be an objective card earned through a Live FUT Friendly and one through Squad Battles.

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers kicks off Oct. 29.

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