Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is A “Very Faithful” Recreation Of The Original Game

A new behind-the-scenes look at Final Fantasy VII Remake ‘s development before its PS4 launch on April 10 reveals that the team at Square Enix remained “very faithful” to the classic 1997 title.

In the second episode of a documentary series Square Enix is publishing, in which the studio highlights interviews with prominent developers on the team, game director Motomu Toriyama said that FFVII Remake is in lockstep with the original source material. This is especially true from a “major story” perspective.

“In terms of how faithful the remake is to the original Final Fantasy VII, from the perspective of the storyline, it is very faithful indeed,” Toriyama said. “The major story structure is kept very close, so you will do the Mako Reactor bombing mission and then return to the Sector 7 slums.”

Longtime series writer Kazushige Nojima echoed Toriyama’s sentiment, adding: “Well, the main story is still the same, but I have added in many new scenes that happen between the main events of the original, which show how the relationship between Cloud and the other characters deepened. [For example], Cloud’s childhood friend Tifa shows him a flat in Midgar, and they come to live in the same building. It is a Japanese-styled flat and the scene itself is quite sweet. So, I want people to look forward to [those additions].”

Producer and director of the original game, Yoshinori Kitase, also chimed in: “Of course, all the memorable elements and key moments from the original have been faithfully reproduced, and you can enjoy experiencing those again.”

In the first episode of this “Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake” docuseries, Square Enix showed off the newly-expanded Midgar by visiting various locations not seen in the original game. The studio also presented new musical arrangements and gameplay footage, along with several never-before-seen screenshots.

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