Final Fantasy 7 Remake Launch Trailer Is Long And Filled With Spoilers

With a week left until launch, now might already be too late to start warning you about the potential of spoilers in all of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s marketing. But if there’s one trailer you absolutely should avoid if you’re worried about the any story spoilers, it’s the latest launch trailer for the game.

At just over four minutes long, the launch trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake shows off a lot. It starts with a callback to the series’ great PSP prequel, Crisis Core, and just continues delving into very specific stories for each of its main characters. There are reveals that are decades old at this point, but it also showcases some new wrinkles that Square Enix is adding to this greatly expanded Midgar chapter. If you dare, you can watch below.

Square Enix has been asking fans of the game to avoid spreading potential spoilers, especially after early physical copies went on sale much earlier than expected in some regions affected by logistical problems due to COVID-19. This means that many people have already potentially finished the first chapter in this episodic retelling of that PlayStation classic, so beware when searching for anything related to the game online.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is launching exclusively for PS4 on April 10. You can catch up on our impressions of the game and its demo (which you can still download) if you’re undecided on whether to pre-order it or not.

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