First No More Heroes 3 Gameplay (Kind Of, Sort Of) Revealed During New Game Plus Expo

During the New Game+ Expo livestream, game director Goichi “Suda51” Suda showed off some brand-new gameplay footage of the Nintendo Switch exclusive No More Heroes 3. Unfortunately, getting a good look at the never-before-seen gameplay was a challenge, as Suda obscured the entire sequence.

While discussing the power of video games as an entertainment medium before getting to the NGPX announcements, the screen behind Suda began playing some No More Heroes 3 gameplay. It’s difficult to parse what was on screen, with Suda sitting directly in front of the player’s field of vision. We do see protagonist Travis Touchdown battling a boss, some sort of luminescent robot capable of controlling dimensions. Never once during the approximate two minutes of footage does Suda mention the No More Heroes 3 gameplay going on behind him.

You can check it out below, where Suda also admits that Super Mario Odyssey is still on his backlog.

No More Heroes 3 was revealed during an E3 2019 Nintendo Direct. Though the trailer didn’t show any gameplay, developer Grasshopper Manufacture confirmed that the game will hit Nintendo Switch sometime this year. No official release date or window has been provided as of yet and, aside from this blocked gameplay footage, Grasshopper has remained silent about No More Heroes 3.

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