FlyQuest vs. Team Liquid: 2020 LCS Summer Split betting analysis

Melany M. July 4, 2020

FlyQuest and Team Liquid are meeting on Sunday in a battle for second place in the 2020 LCS Summer Split.

Four weeks into the split, things are heating up the LCS. Right now, four teams are tied in second place with a 4-2 record. The frontrunner, to no one’s surprise, is a Cloud9 roster that remains undefeated. While Cloud9 has sole possession of the top spot, seven teams are in the hunt for second and two are at the bottom, fighting for survival. It won’t get easier later in the season, so fans can rest assured that the playoffs will be a close race.

FlyQuest and Team Liquid on equal footing

This season, games are getting decided by the smallest details. One mistake or one crafty play can swing the game on its head.

Most teams are on a similar skill level and that makes the league highly competitive. FlyQuest and Liquid both dropped games against Cloud9. While these teams don’t play similar styles, they share similar strengths with consistent players across the map. Even the bottom lanes look the same, with a newly added ADC and a Korean support known for his aggression.

On, the odds have Liquid as a 1.72 favorite to FlyQuest being a 2.00 underdog. The match might be closer than these numbers suggest. Right now, the numbers for the teams tied in second are almost the same. On both sides, all players are in good form and it’s fair to say that every player in the lineup can carry a game, this is a reality for both Liquid and FlyQuest.

There isn’t just one key matchup, every player is fundamental in this matchup. If one support roams, the other must follow. Junglers must shadow each other on their respective side of the junglers. It will come down to playmaking and who’s first in the objectives, junglers will set the pace of the match. FlyQuest vs. Liquid will be the battle of the Danish kings.