Following Its Announcement Last Year, ‘Marvel Realm of Champions’ Finally Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

During New York Comic Con in October of last year, Marvel and Kabam announced a new collaboration following the massive success of their Marvel Contest of Champions fighting game. This new project was called Marvel Realm of Champions and it would be connected to the Contest of Champions universe but instead of a more traditional fighting game it would feature 3v3 team battles reminiscent of a MOBA, and all tied together with an overarching story about the various “Houses” of the Realm. It sounded cool, but we really didn’t know much else at the time, and it’s been a long ten months since then. I mean 2020 alone feels like it’s been about three years already. However, today Kabam has finally lifted the curtain on an actual gameplay trailer for Marvel Realm of Champions, and you can see what it’s like below.

As someone who was borderline obsessed with Marvel Contest of Champions for at least a couple of years, I can totally see this being another grindy time suck. And believe it or not I mean that in the best way possible. The fun of Contest of Champions was building up your team of Champions by obtaining new ones and upgrading existing ones. With the emphasis on customization shown in the above trailer, I’m sure Realm of Champions will have that same appeal. Contest of Champions had an incredibly tight and enjoyable fighting engine to that made the grinding actually fun, so it remains to be seen if Realm of Champions will have that same sort of satisfaction to its combat to keep on doing it over and over again. Marvel Realm of Champions should be arriving before the end of the year, and in the meantime you can find all sorts of information about the different Houses in the game as well as even more information over on the official website.