‘Forager’ from HopFrog Will Include All Updates When It Comes to Mobile Soon

A little while ago, HopFrog announced various milestones for the survival crafting indie game Forager and confirmed that it is coming to mobile. The original Forager debuted on PC before seeing Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions that Humble Bundle (now Humble Games) published. I played it a bit on PC but really got into it on Nintendo Switch. Yesterday, HopFrog revealed a look at the future of Forager in an announcement that revealed upcoming plans for the game. This confirmed that Forager will include all updates in addition to the base game when it comes to mobile “soon”. Watch the trailer for Forager on Nintendo Switch below:

Forager has you starting out with almost nothing on a small island as you keep foraging and buying land to expand your available space. As you craft and purchase, a narrative slowly unfolds and the game has a fantastic core gameplay loop. This new Steam announcement post also confirmed that the game’s console updates are complete with a release date to be revealed soon. I’m glad to finally have this update because it will allow me to check out the new content on Nintendo Switch while I wait for the iOS version. Check out Forager on Steam. Have you played it yet on Steam, PS4, or Nintendo Switch?