Forteller Games Announces Partnership with Red Raven Games, Starting…

Forteller Games just announced an exciting new partnership with Red Raven Games, in which Forteller committed to providing audio narration for some of the board games illustrated and produced by Red Raven owner Ryan Laukat.

The Forteller team will begin this long-term partnership by providing audio narration for Above and Below, a storytelling game where the player who builds the most well-developed village wins. Forteller’s audio for this game will feature not only experienced voice actors narrating the story, but also realistic sound effects and melodic music to set the scene.

“We thought Red Raven Games would be perfect for audio narration because the games are so narrative driven, like storybooks,” said Forteller’s Travis Simpson. “Audio narration is a perfect match for these games to help players envision the fascinating world within them. Overall, we’re big fans of Red Raven Games and are excited to work with them for several future products.”

Board game fans can stay updated on this partnership by visiting Forteller’s website and listening to its podcast, as well as by going to Red Raven Games’ website.

About Forteller Games:
Forteller Games is a media and technology company based in Phoenix AZ, creating technology and audio narrative products to enhance the board game and tabletop RPG experience for all. Forteller Games is a six-person self-funded team of career technologists with a passion for gaming, both digital and physical. The Forteller app is a platform that offers an enhanced gaming experience, comprised of professionally voice acted and musically scored audio narration. Forteller Games has partnered with Cephalofair Games, Steamforged Games, Sky Kingdom Games, Succubus Publishing, Furia Games and a few others soon to be announced, to produce high quality audio narration for well-loved board games such as Gloomhaven, Jaws of the Lion, Bardsung, Middara, and more. Forteller Games was founded on the basis of bridging the gap between tabletop and the digital gaming experience. Visit for more and find Forteller on social media via @fortellergames.

About Red Raven Games:
Red Raven Games is a publisher of more than a dozen immersive board games illustrated, produced, and written by Ryan and Malorie Laukat. They include Above and Below, Near and Far, Empires of the Void, Sleeping Gods, Eight-Minute Empire, City of Iron, and more. These games are known for featuring fantastical worlds and imaginative, story driven gameplay that’s fun for the whole family. Visit to learn more.

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