Fortnite: Complete A Lap At Motorboat Mayhem Guide

The latest set of challenges for Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 is arriving this week, with one unique challenge that requires a motorboat and some boat-driving skills. The challenge is to complete a lap at Motorboat Mayhem. This guide will show you where to find a motorboat, how to find Motorboat Mayhem, and what to do once you get there.

This challenge isn’t live just yet—check back later this week on Thursday, July 9 to try it yourself when Epic’s weekly update hits Fortnite.

Where is Motorboat Mayhem?

Motorboat Mayhem is an unnamed location on the Fortnite Season 3 map. It’s located outside of Lazy Lake near the Hydro 16 dam. The location has bleachers for an audience, flags, and other features you’d see at a race track. Check out the exact location on the map below.

Fortnite Season 3 Motorboat Mayhem location.
Fortnite Season 3 Motorboat Mayhem location.

Where are the motorboats?

Motorboats can be found all over the Fortnite map now that it’s been flooded due to The Device event. You can land at The Fortilla or Rickety Rig and drive one in. Grab one that’s situated near the dam or take a beached boat off the shores of Lazy Lake. Finding a boat won’t be difficult.

Once you get to Motorboat Mayhem with a boat all you’ll need to do is carefully drive it around the island while following the markings along the watery track and you’ll complete the challenge.

What Reward Do I Get For This Challenge?

Completing a lap around Motorboat Mayhem will net you 35,000 experience points to help you level up your battle pass.

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