Fortnite: Season 3 Coral Buddies Secret Challenge Guide

Epic Games has dabbled in secret challenges with Fortnite over the years, including a secret war between bears and gnomes last season, and this newest season is no different. There is one secret “Coral Buddies” challenge that nets you a hefty reward and a new back bling. There will most likely be more secret challenges similar to this one in the near future so check back for more guides on that front.

The challenge is called Coral Buddies Wood Age Quest and is pretty simple if you know what to look for on the Season 3 map.

Where Do You Find The Coral Buddies?

The Coral Buddies, weird little blue creatures, are situated on a small island completely surrounded by water on the northwestern corner of the map. You’ll find the creatures and a small encampment on the sand. There is usually very little loot so be ready to start the game off with few weapons if you decide to land here first.

The island is not shown on the map until you’ve been there once. Here’s the rough location:

Fortnite Season 3 Secret Challenge #1 Location
Fortnite Season 3 Secret Challenge #1 Location

How Do You Complete The First Secret Challenge?

Once you land at the island you’ll see a small group of the blue creatures. Give them 100 wood by following the in-game prompt and they’ll instantly build little walls and ships. Don’t worry about wood—there are enough palm trees on the island to harvest that needed amount of wood. Once you do that you’ll a banner will pop up saying you’ve completed the challenge.

Fortnite Season 3's Coral Buddies
Fortnite Season 3’s Coral Buddies

What Reward Do You Get For Completing The First Secret Challenge?

You’ll get paid handsomely for helping the Coral Buddies. Donating 100 wood to their cause will net you 25,000 experience points and a new back bling, pictured below.

Fortnite Season 3's Ohm's Perch Back Bling
Fortnite Season 3’s Ohm’s Perch Back Bling

Check this post throughout the season for guides on how to complete future secret challenges. Jump over to our Fortnite Season 3 challenge hub for help on the hardest tasks that Epic Games throws your way.

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