Free Steam Game Available Now–But Only For A Short Time

It’s a great weekend to try out some new games for free–some huge titles, like Rainbow Six Siege and Mortal Kombat 11, are both free to play for a few days. But for Steam users, there’s another game you can check out for free this weekend, and this one is yours to keep.

Normally listed at $15, The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day is free to claim on Steam now until Monday, March 9. The story-driven adventure game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have disappeared and been replaced by robots. Last Quiet Day is the first episode in the series and follows an inventor robot, RT-217NP, who is curious about humans and finds himself in a small group of robots trying to help the remaining humans who survive. Solving puzzles and making moral choices play a huge role throughout.

While GameSpot hasn’t reviewed The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day, the game currently has a Mostly Positive rating on Steam with over 1,400 reviews. Episode 2 in the series, The Uncertain: Light at the End, releases in Q2 2020, so now’s a great time to grab the first game at no cost and see if you like the premise. The second episode will take place from a human girl’s point of view and explore why humanity has disappeared from Earth–which certainly sounds intriguing.

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