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Gen.G eliminates Luminosity from NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier

The Luminosity Gaming VALORANT roster has played their final official VCT competition this year. After falling to Gen.G in two maps in the lower bracket of the North American Last Chance Qualifier, Luminosity is the first team eliminated from the event.

Both teams came out firing on Haven and went into halftime tied 6-6. Gen.G built their lead after switching to the attack side, with koosta delivering some more clutches in post-plant situations. They got up to 10-7 before an LG timeout, after which LG lost a backbreaking five-vs-two round that effectively spelled the end for them on Haven. Gen.G claimed the first map 13-9.

Gen.G continued their momentum on Split, taking the pistol round, the second round, and their bonus round. Gen.G got up to 6-0 before LG got their first round on the board and two more right after to reduce the Gen.G lead to three. LG held on to turn a 6-0 deficit to 8-4 before halftime.

Gen.G’s loan from Evil Geniuses, Temperature, continued to have an impact with Cypher utility and frags early in the second half, rebuilding the Gen.G lead. LG salvaged an attack round on a save and a couple of gun rounds after, but an A site take that fell apart put Gen.G up 12-7. LG put two more rounds on the board before Gen.G used their Astra utility to melt a B push, taking the second map 13-9 and eliminating LG from the event.

Luminosity’s inaugural VCT campaign comes to a close in the first lower bracket round of the LCQ. They tied for fifth at Masters One and tied for seventh at the Stage Three Challengers Playoffs.

Gen.G moves on to face Cloud9 Blue in the second round of the lower bracket tomorrow.

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