Get Ready To Unlock Fun, Value, And Adventure @ The Breathe Convention 2023!

Get ready to breathe new life into your Web 3 journey! The BREATHE Convention is a remarkable event designed to reshape your understanding of the digital realm. To fully immerse yourself in this groundbreaking experience, we encourage you to secure your tickets using this LINK. By doing so, you’ll unlock exclusive rewards that will enrich your conference adventure.

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Moon Shot Ticket: 1,500 sRibbits + 1 SICCGAME Treasure Hunt

Solar Flare Ticket: 2,500 sRibbits + 2 SICCGAME Treasure Hunts

Alpha Pass Ticket: 5,000 sRibbits + 3 SICCGAME Treasure Hunts

  1. sRibbits: Metaverse Currency Airdrop

Moon Shot: 1,500 sRibbits / Solar Flare: 2,500 sRibbits / Alpha Pass: 5,000 sRibbitsClaim your ticket through the link HERE, and once we confirm the sale and obtain your wallet address, your sRibbits will be directly transferred to your Bifrost Wallet. If you’re a cryptocurrency novice or unsure about using the wallet, don’t worry – we offer a convenient link for an effortless wallet setup, ensuring you’re ready to accept your sRibbits! Embrace this opportunity to dive into the thrilling world of Web 3!

What in the world is a sRibbit and why should you care?

  1. Immersive Treasure Hunt Games

Moon Shot: 1 Game  //  Solar Flare: 2 Games  //  Alpha Pass: 3 GamesAre you prepared for the ultimate treasure hunt adventure at Breathe Convention 2023? Join an exclusive group of participants in our eagerly awaited #SICCGAMES treasure hunts, showcasing high-value NFTs, tangible goods, and other valuable rewards from top-tier sponsors.The games will kick off at specific times with limited opportunities to claim victory, amplifying the thrill and exhilaration. As an added bonus, those who sign up using our LINK will gain complimentary access to the #SICCGAMES Games Master page, featuring a collection of other FREE and entertaining treasure hunts to enhance your conference experience. Don’t miss this unique and LIMITED opportunity to be part of an unforgettable treasure hunt journey at Breathe Convention 2023!

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