Get ‘Steins;Gate’, ‘Corpse Party’, and More on iOS at a Discount for a Limited Time in the Mages Winter 2020 Sale

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If you’ve been waiting for a discount to pickup some great adventure games on iOS, the time has come with the Mages Winter 2020 Sale. 5pb and Mages are responsible for one of the best visual novels available on iOS and one of my favourite horror games ever. The Steins;Gate series is one that I try and play on every single platform. It has been great to experience the games again on Switch after playing them on PS Vita a while ago. The Corspe Party franchise has two games I enjoy a lot and one that is just ok. Unfortunatley, the second game in the series, while available on iOS, isn’t available in English so you just get the excellent original game and Blood Drive. Watch the trailer for Steins;Gate below:

The discounts here are live from now until March 22nd. I’m only listing the games available in English here. The developer has released the other Steins;Gate games including the awesome Steins;Gate Elite but it isn’t available in English. If you own an iPad and iPhone, Steins;Gate isn’t available as a universal game so keep that in mind when you buy it. Steins;Gate is a must play game if you care about good stories and great characters. It has multiple endings and awesome music. If you’ve never played a traditional visual novel before, this is a great way to get into the genre. The Corpse Party is a great game for horror fans. The games included are below:

Steins;Gate ($23.99)
Steins;Gate HD (iPad) ($23.99)
Corpse Party Blood Drive ($19.99)
Corpse Party ($11.99)

Read our review of Steins;Gate here, Corpse Party here, and Corspe Party Blood Drive here. I hope 5pb uses the English localisation for Steins;Gate Elite for iOS soon because a port and localisation on other platforms both exist. Have you played any of these games before?