Get Your First Look At Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay

Announced earlier this week, the Devolver Direct has revealed our first look at gameplay for Shadow Warrior 3, the latest over-the-top first-person shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog.

The gameplay is full of what you’d expect from a Shadow Warrior sequel: lots of blood, loads of weapons, and gruesome executions. But there are also new features you can look forward to, like expanded mobility options with a grappling hook that looks like it will work extremely well with your double jumps, wall-running, and air-dashing antics.

Amongst all the blood and guts there’s bright confetti and a strangely jolly spirit to it all, which makes the excessive gore all the stranger and more enticing. There’s no confirmed release date for Shadow Warrior 3 yet, but you can expect a release sometime in 2021 for PC.

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