Greedfall Dev Reveals Steelrising, Which Reimagines The French Revolution With Robots

Spiders, the developer behind Greedfall and The Technomancer, has revealed its next title during the Nacon Direct stream. The game is called Steelrising, and it’s yet another original IP. While no gameplay was shown, a press release sent to GameSpot referred to the game as an action RPG, which is what the studio is known for.

The game will be set during the French Revolution, in an alternate universe where King Louis XVI has an army of robots by his side, which he is using to terrorize the population. Players are cast as Aegis, who will be fighting against these armies over the course of the game.

The project will be overseen by Jehanne Rousseau, who produced and wrote Greedfall. That game was a big seller, so it’s no surprise to see Roussea in charge again. This is the game that Nacon was teasing ahead of the reveal stream.

No further details have been revealed for the game, including what platforms it will release on. PC is likely a given, and considering the trailer’s long, lingering pans across intricate details, it’s likely (albeit not confirmed) we’ll see the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Greedfall and The Technomancer both released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about Steelrising soon, including how much the game adheres to, and plays with, history.

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