Halo Infinite May Have Been Spoiled By Mega Bloks

Halo Infinite has been teased by Microsoft for quite a while, but the game’s story may have been spoiled by an unlikely source: building toys. A Mega Bloks construction set includes a figure that could reveal plot details.

Potential Halo Infinite spoilers follow.

Fans on the Gaming Rumors subreddit (via IGN) found an image from an upcoming Mega Bloks set that could spell doom for an existing character. A Brute enemy appears to be carrying the helmet of Jameson Locke, one of the heroes from Halo 5: Guardians. The Brute appears to be named Hyperious, and he could be a new Banished antagonist.

This isn’t necessarily a story spoiler. For one, Mega Bloks could be exercising some creative license to create new characters and reference existing ones. But even assuming Hyperious kills Locke and keeps his helmet as a grim trophy, that could be a part of the story that Microsoft and 343 plan to show in pre-release promotional materials, rather than a shocking twist in the game itself.

We know that Halo Infinite will be part of Microsoft’s first-party presentation planned for sometime this month. Though Microsoft hasn’t formally announced a date, we’ve seen reports indicating it could be coming on July 23. Microsoft is also planning a week-long period in which fans can download limited-time demos of games on Xbox One, as an at-home substitute for the E3 show floor experience. That will last from July 21-27.

Four Halo Infinite Mega Bloks construction sets are available to pre-order right now at Amazon, though it’s unclear when they release.

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