Hans Zimmer Created An Extended Netflix “Ta Dum” Sound For Theatres

The “ta dum” sound that plays before Netflix original productions, or when you open the app, is instantly recognizable, probably even more so if you’ve been stuck in isolation for the last few months. But at just three seconds long, it’s not quite epic enough for a theatrical release–so Hans Zimmer has come in to spice it up.

While theaters aren’t operating right now in many parts of the world, Netflix has been releasing select original movies in cinemas since 2018, and is clearly looking to spice up its presentation. The theatrical releases are part of an ongoing battle between Netflix and the more traditional film industry, after attempts to block Netflix and other made-for-streaming films from being eligible for Oscars.

The Hans Zimmer version of Netflix’s classic sound effect is as cinematic as you could ask for from the inventor of the “Inception BRRAAAAM.” It builds up a soaring orchestral theme, before dropping the “ta dum” right at the end. Have a listen for yourself:

While I think the “ta dum” itself needs a bit more impact (and I’m not alone in that opinion), overall it’s an epic re-imagining of an already iconic sound.

A recent podcast delved into the history of the sound, which revealed that other sounds in the running to represent Netflix included the bleating of a goat–intended to be a more humorous answer to MGM’s lion roar.

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