Headup and AMC Announce ‘Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead’, Coming this Year to All Platforms

The Bridge Constructor series has been entertaining us for nearly a decade now, with its clever physics-based puzzling that sees you trying to construct bridges using limited money and supplies so that a number of different types of vehicles can safely get across. Of course, failing at that mission is also part of the fun as you watch your hastily-crafted bridge monstrosities fall apart at the seams while helpless drivers plummet to their demise. It’s wholesome fun! There have been a number of “themed” Bridge Constructor games over the years, but back in 2017 publisher Headup took it to the next level when they partnered up with Valve to create Bridge Constructor Portal, a crossover game with the Portal series. It sounded weird at first, but actually made a lot of sense as you utilized the famous orange and blue portals in clever ways to complete your bridge constructing tasks. We enjoyed it a lot in our review.

Well, if you thought the crossover with a major IP like Portal was kind of an odd fit for Bridge Constructor, I’m not sure how you’re going to react to the latest partnership with Headup and AMC. It’s for a game called Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead and, yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: A Walking Dead-themed Bridge Constructor game. Check out this funny teaser.

Ok, so I came around to the notion of portals making at least a little sense in the world of Bridge Constructor, but zombies? Well, besides the all-too-brief glimpse at the very end of the teaser, Headup isn’t quite ready to show off any actual gameplay of the game just yet. However, it does sound like you’ll be building bridges in order to usher survivors to safety, while also fending off zombie attacks using “movable level objects, explosives and baits” to lure walkers into traps. I dare say… this might actually work? Thankfully we won’t have to wait too long to see what Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is all about, as it’s set to launch before the end of the year on basically every platform. That includes iOS, Android, PC, Nintendo Switch, and both the current and next generations of Xbox and PlayStation consoles.