Here’s Our First Look At PS5 Game Boxes

Sony has officially unveiled what PS5 game boxes are going to look like. They don’t differ drastically from the PS4 box art, but sport a white stripe at the top that should make them easy to spot on your shelves if the two are mixed together.

The reveal was made using the official box art for Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The standalone game includes the new PlayStation Studios logo. Where the top banner on PS4 games was previously blue with white lettering, it’s white with black lettering on PS5 boxes. The white is also present in the spine, which otherwise shows the game title just like it would on a PS4 box.

Sony clearly didn’t have as much work to do when transitioning to the new generation this time around. Its early PS3 designs, including the lettering on the system itself and the game boxes, was much different than its later designs–the revisions were what Sony stuck with going forward, both on PS4 and PS5. Ironically, this early lettering was very similar to the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies’ logos.

The PS5 does not yet have a release date or price. It is planned for launch this holiday season with Spider-Man: Miles Morales also launching during the same window.

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