‘Hero Ball Z’ is a High-Quality Hero-Collecting Shooter Out Now on iOS and Android

Hero Ball Z is an action-packed idle RPG that tasks you with collecting and upgrading an army of powerful heroes. It’s stylish, fast-paced, and available now on iOS and Android.

The core action sees you shooting and exploding hordes of enemies through a series of 2D levels. Thanks to some standout character and environmental designs, the game remains visually varied and distinctive throughout.

The combat is similarly enjoyable, with tons of unlockable skills and heroes to try out along the way. Right now, there are 28 elite heroes to add to your roster, and they can be unlocked by combining together two non-elite characters. It’s a simple system that’s nevertheless super satisfying.

Speaking of rewards, the game has launched an introductory event for new players to earn some gold as well as SR & SSR tier heroes. In order to start unlocking tons of handy in-game prizes, all you have to do is take part in the daily check-in event.

Those in the market for a high-quality hero-collecting RPG will find Hero Ball Z up and ready for download now from Google Play and the App Store. If your curiosity has been piqued, there are some interesting character files available on the game’s site.

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