Hitman 3 On Stadia Will Use State Share Feature

Those on Stadia will be able to share their unique experiences with the new feature.

Hitman 3 - England

Hitman 3 will launch later this week, putting an end to the reboot trilogy that has helped to revitalize the stealth franchise. It is releasing on every modern piece of hardware in some form or another, even a cloud version recently announced for the Switch. Also on the streaming side of things, the game will come to Stadia where it will have a special feature.

As announced on the official Stadia blog, the release of Hitman 3 will make use of a new feature called State Share. It’s an interesting feature that allows you to embed a game state within video and image captures, in theory allowing you to play through a mission in the specific way whoever shared it did. You can even use weapons you haven’t unlocked yet, making it a prime way to use items you don’t have yet. The feature will also extend to the entire trilogy.

“In Hitman 3, as well as in the first two games in the Hitman – World of Assassination trilogy, you’ll be able to use State Share to save a game state within any campaign or custom mission, during the missions themselves or at the mission complete screen. IO Interactive has designed its use of State Share to allow all saved game states to include the following gameplay elements:

Mission starting location within the beginning of the level
Mission objectives
Player loadout (including weapon, gear, and clothing)
Mission difficulty

The incredible part of playing Hitman 3 on Stadia is that with State Share, you’ll be able to play with weapons and items that you haven’t unlocked yet. Even if you haven’t unlocked certain weapons or items in Hitman 3, you’ll be able to experience them with State Share at the click of a link, without affecting your own progression in-game.”

Hitman 3 is set to launch on January 20th and will be available in some form on all major platforms. The game is confirmed to also be live for pre-load on Xbox consoles. You can check the game’s launch trailer ahead of release through here.