Hyper Scape’s Battle Royale Systems Encourage Aggressive Play

Hyper Scape is an upcoming battle royale shooter that’s developed and published by Ubisoft. GameSpot’s Michael Higham was able to play for two hours ahead of the official announcement and is joined by Tony Wilson to tell you about the game’s weapons, abilities, revives, and unique way to win. Hyper Scape distinguishes itself from other battle royale games with a few fresh takes on typical genre tropes and mechanics.

Hyper Scape’s combat feels like an arena shooter with high mobility and mechanics like a double jump and jump pads on the map. You get to pick from a roster of characters that only make a difference cosmetically and with voice lines. You can build a loadout around hacks which are abilities that can be picked up around the map and give players powers such as forming a wall, invisibility, or allowing them to turn into something like a hamster ball and leap great heights. When you die in this battle royale you remain invisible and must find your way to where an enemy is killed by your team in order to be revived. You are never out permanently as long as your team is alive. The map also doesn’t have a closing circle, instead, it has districts that shut down as the match progresses. The game also has a crown that allows one of the final teams to win by surviving a countdown without having to be the last one standing.

Hyper Scape is coming to PC. Stay tuned for more information on betas and the release date.