Introducing Streamer Betting: Watch your favorites and make money at the same time!

*Have you ever wondered why you can only bet on serious™ esports events? Well, wonder no more – we’re introducing an exciting new way to enjoy your time on Twitch by betting on your favorite streamers’ matches as well. Finally, you can make good use of all those hours watching Dendi or QoP by accurately guessing whether he’ll carry those four randos to victory!

Streamer Betting is a brand new way to wager on esports by bringing streamer games on level pegging with the largest esports events. Think you know your favorite streamers well? Now you can earn some cold, hard cash by proving it! No doubt you’ll enjoy QoP’s stream more if you are rewarded for your faith that he’ll win his latest game – and with this, you can get even more invested in the viewing experience as well. Getting a stake in your favorite streamer’s game (quite literally) has never been easier!

The possibilities are endless. Do you think that Sage will revive someone before she dies this round in the VALORANT game you’re watching? Perhaps you’ve got a hunch whether there will be a bomb plant as you watch a round of CS:GO. We offer constant markets on every top streamer’s live matches, which will provide you with a unique opportunity to get closer to the action than you ever could before!

We at Rivalry always serve to innovate in the esports betting scene. As gamers, we also love to spend a lot of time on Twitch and it make sense to explore the possibilities in bringing our favorite pastimes together. Streamer Betting offers you a unique way to cheer on your favorite broadcast personalities (or to spam KEKW when something goes wrong) and to leverage your knowledge about them in a rewarding fashion. We are incredibly excited to release this feature and can’t wait to see how far you take it.

Are you the ultimate memer and the resident stream expert? If you think you’ve got what it takes, now’s your chance: head over to Rivalry Streamer Betting and start winning!

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