iOS Version of ‘One Finger Death Punch II’ Launching July 2nd, Available for Pre-Order Now

One Finger Death Punch from Silver Dollar Games became an indie sensation following its launch on Xbox 360 back in 2013 and its desktop release in 2014. It was a perfect example of a game being mechanically simple but still having a ton of depth to its gameplay. The very basics of the game had you playing as a stickman martial arts warrior who fended off enemies approaching from both the left and the right of the screen. Like I said, the mechanics were simple as it only utilized two buttons, but the depth came in the rhythm of the combat and the deep progression systems. That two-button control scheme also made it a perfect candidate for a mobile port, and indeed One Finger Death Punch made its way to mobile in 2015. Unfortunately, the version for mobile was stripped down and put together in an extremely free to play manner, and while the core gameplay remained excellent, the in-game currencies, ads, energy timers, and other cruft brought down the experience.

Anyway, as you may or may not know, a little over a year ago Silver Dollar released a sequel on desktop aptly titled One Finger Death Punch 2, and I think its launch trailer does a good job of showcasing how much bigger and better it is than the original.

So while One Finger Death Punch 2 expands upon the formula of the original game, it still retains its beautifully simplistic two button control scheme. The very SAME two button control scheme that is such a great fit for the touchscreen. And as you probably are already aware if you read the title of this article, Silver Dollar will be bringing One Finger Death Punch 2 to mobile. Thankfully, however, they’ve gone with a different partner to port the game to mobile this time around, Doublethink Games, and it appears they’re looking for a shot at redemption for the free to play-ness of the original game’s mobile port. One Finger Death Punch 2 for iOS is available to pre-order on the App Store right now and it looks like there’s nary an advertisement or in-app purchase in sight, and the game instead is a paltry two bucks up front. That is excellent news to my ears as I really WANTED to enjoy the original One Finger Death Punch on mobile, but all the free to play shenanigans got in the way. Be sure to pre-order the iOS version ahead of its launch on July 2nd, and you can discuss more about One Finger Death Punch 2 on iOS in the thread in our forums.