Iron Banner Season 10 quest – Destiny 2

Complete the Cast in Iron quest in the Season 10 Iron Banner event for Destiny 2.

A new season is upon us, Guardians, and this week Bungie rolled out the first Iron Banner of Season 10. With this event comes a quest for Guardians to complete called Cast in Iron. This quest is several steps long and each quest step will award the player with Iron Banner gear. In this guide, we’ll give you the tools you need to complete this quest and make the most of your time in the Iron Banner.

Iron Banner: Cast in Iron

Iron Banner Season 10 Quest Destiny 2

The Cast in Iron quest will be several steps long, requiring players to complete tasks in each phase in order to move on to the next. Each time players complete a quest step they’ll be given a piece of Iron Banner gear. This gear will include mod slots for Season 10, making this armor useful in the Season of the Worthy.

Super Smelting

This quest step is simple in that it requires Guardians to complete tasks that generally require team play in the Iron Banner. Capture zones, defeat opponents, and get defeats with your super ability. You will need more super kills as the quest moves on, so focus on that right from the beginning to get a head start.

  • Opponents defeated: 0/30
  • Zones: 0/10
  • Super defeats: 0/3

Clear the Cylinders

This is where things go off the rails just a bit, requiring Guardians to get final blows with a Hand Cannon, which has nothing to do with winning an Iron Banner match. You’d be wise to focus on capturing zones through the entire quest.

  • Matches completed: 0/6
  • Zones: 0/20
  • Hand Cannon final blows: 0/15

Heat the Barrels

Another one where Guardians get to play their way, so long as their way involves using the weapon they are instructed to use. Hopefully you’ve continued to focus on zones, because capturing those is a theme, as it usually is.

  • Opponents defeated: 0/100
  • Zones: 0/30
  • Submachine Gun final blows: 0/20

Harness the Elements

Get ready to be blasted by Fusion Rifles for the next week, because players need to score final blows with them to complete this quest step. My weapon of choice here is Jotunn, but you use whatever works best for you.

  • Super defeats: 0/15
  • Zones: 0/40
  • Fusion Rifle final blows: 0/15

Sharpen the Arrows

If you’ve bene planning ahead, you should be pretty much done at this point. Get your final blows with Bows and you’ll be done with the Iron Banner for this week, assuming you aren’t grinding more than one character.

  • Matches completed: 0/15
  • Zones: 0/50
  • Bow final blows: 0/10

Polish the Armor

Head back to the Tower and turn in the quest to finish up. You should have also completed the four weekly bounties for the Iron Banner, which we’ll talk about in more detail now.

  • Return to Lord Saladin

Iron Banner bounties

There are four Iron Banner bounties for this event (March 24, 2020 to March 31, 2020). We’ve outlined each one below, but before we get into that, a warning.

Oath of the Pack

The key here is that the opponents must be defeated with the help of at least one Guardian. If you straight murder someone with no help, that won’t count.

  • Opponents defeated

Victory Banners

This is a progress bounty that requires you to complete matches to move the needle from 0 percent to 100 percent. Wins will grant you more progress than losses, but this should be doable as you complete the quest.

  • Matches completed

An Arsenal of Tricks

This one is tricky. It requires you to defeat opponents with any ability, with bonus progress for supers and by defeating opponents with higher Power. Now, in past seasons the trick here was to lower your Power below that of most Guardians so that when you defeated them with your super ability, it counted for a lot more. Guardians rocking out over 990 Power should drastically lower their power via their gear.

  • Opponents defeated

The Rout

This one is like the last, confirming that you need to lower your Power level a bit for the best results. You only need final blows, but you get more progress for killing Guardians who have higher Power. Put on your ugliest gear and go to work, Guardian.

  • Opponents defeated

Now that you know how to complete the Cast in Iron quest for the Season 10 Iron Banner in Destiny 2, and you’ve completed all your bounties, head to our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help.

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