Is Deck Nine Currently Developing The Next Life is Strange Game?

Is Deck Nine Currently Developing The Next Life is Strange Game?
Is Deck Nine Currently Developing The Next Life is Strange Game?

The Life is Strange franchise is beloved by so many fans around the world. This game was first brought out into the marketplace by developers Dontnod Entertainment while the IP was published by Square Enix. After its immense success, Dontnod Entertainment went on to develop a sequel that brought out a new storyline and characters. Meanwhile, Square Enix had development studio Deck Nine deliver a prequel to Life is Strange.

Within Life is Strange we were introduced to Max and Chloe, a duo that went on a time-warping journey in hopes of solving a mystery surrounding Chloe for years. While we won’t spoil the narrative of the first game, there was room to open up about Chloe’s past in a separate title altogether. That was what came out with Life is Strange: Before the Storm which was another emotional journey that took fans through a journey based around Chloe and Rachel, a character we came to know about from the first game installment.

Since then there was a recent unveiling that Dontnod Entertainment had broke off a partnership with Square Enix as they received an investment from Tencent. This would allow the developers to expand and publish their video game titles going forward. According to a report, Deck Nine was given control of the Life is Strange franchise once again and it looks like we may have another game in the works according to a job description from the studio.

Deck Nine is currently hiring for an upcoming AAA adventure game. We know that Deck Nine is working with Square Enix and this could be an upcoming installment to the Life is Strange IP. Unfortunately, the job description doesn’t go into detail about what the game is about, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what it could be about. However, we’re sure that there are plenty of fans that would love to go back into the franchise once again either as another spin-off to a past game, a sequel to one of the games, or a brand new emotional journey full of twists and turns.

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