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Is Kart Rider: Drift PS4 on PS Plus?

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Kart Rider: Drift is a free to play racing game that will be released on PS Plus for members.

The full version of the game is scheduled to be released in 2022 while a closed beta version of the game is set to start on Dec. 8.

In the tweet above, PlayStation announced that a closed beta version of Kart Rider: Drift would come out on Dec. 8.

Kart Rider: Drift is an arcade-style racing game that allows you to compete against your friends to prove who can come up on top on a thrilling high-action car race.

Kart Rider: Drift will constantly be adding new skins to the game in order to make sure you have the coolest car on the track. There will be over 30 tracks available when the game launches.

Similar to games such as Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing, this game should provide fans with an almost nostalgic experience with a game they have never seen with their eyes before.

In the closed beta, the two games you can choose to play are:

In Item Mode, you collect items during the race itself and use the items to help you defeat your opponents. In Speed Mode, you will be collecting boosts and show off your drifting skills in high-paced competitive racing.

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