Kingdom Hearts Series Comes To PC March 30, Exclusively On Epic Games Store

The Japanese series finally makes the jump to PC.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory_02

At this point, most big third party franchises have jumped to the PC in some form or another. While some big Japanese franchises were much slower to do so, eventually they trickled in. There has been one big exception there, however, in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Now, though, that is changing.

It was announced earlier today that the entire Kingdom Hearts series will be coming to PC. That includes Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Prologue, Kingdom Hearts 3 with its ReMind DLC and finally, the last entry in the series, Melody of Memory. That’s a total of 11 games detailing the whole messy storyline of the franchise thus far. Interestingly, the games will be coming as exclusives to the Epic Games Store. It’s not clear how long the exclusivity window will last.

The Kingdom Hearts titles outlines above will release on PC via the Epic Games Store on March 30th. We know that more Kingdom Hearts games are in development, but whether they will be on PC day 1 or not in light of this news is anyone’s guess.