Kojima teases Death Stranding Photo Mode launch on PS4 by end of March

Death Stranding’s Photo Mode will allow you to more easily take screenshots of the game’s beautiful world and Hideo Kojima says it’s coming to PlayStation 4 shortly.

When Death Stranding was confirmed for launch on PC, one of the promises that came with it was that a new Photo Mode also be coming on all platforms. According to Hideo Kojima, it would appear that Photo Mode’s launch is fast approaching for PlayStation 4 players. If all goes well, we could see the mode on PS4 before the end of this month.

Hideo Kojima posted an update on Death Stranding’s much anticipated Photo Mode from his personal Twitter on March 24, 2020. Announced back at the beginning of March 2020 along with the PC announcement of Death Stranding, Kojima has teased that Death Stranding’s Photo Mode is nearly complete and could be ready in time for an update before the end of this March 2020. the Photo Mode is set to give players the means to take easy screenshots during their gameplay in Death Stranding. If it’s like many other modes of this sort in games, there will be a lot of versatility involved, including filters, zoom, blur adjustment, and plenty of other options. Kojima even posted a couple examples of what the Photo Mode might be able to pull off in his tweet.

It’s great to see Photo Mode is nearly ready to go for PlayStation 4. Death Stranding is a game featuring vast landscapes and wide vistas to explore. The depth and grandness of its environment is quite breathtaking at many times throughout the game and was definitely one of the stronger points of the whole experience, as noted in our Shacknews review. With a proper Photo Mode, it’s quite cool to know that when we return to that world, we’ll be able to capture some of that beauty and the memorable moments through whatever features Death Stranding’s Photo Mode has for us.

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