Legends of Runeterra upcoming patch to remove XP caps & wildcard limits

Get ready to get your grind on in Legends of Runeterra. The next update is slated to remove several limitations on progression.

There are occasional times where artificial limitations on progression, daily or otherwise, are good for keeping the playing field balanced, but too strict a cap can stifle the fun. Legends of Runeterra has several caps of the strict sort, but Riot is ready to do away with them in an upcoming patch. It might be a better time than ever to grab XP and unlock the best parts of your decks.

Riot Games revealed plans for progression changes in Legends of Runeterra in a Runeterra blog post on March 23, 2020. According to the post, Riot has seen the frustrations associated with artificial caps and restraints on vault rewards, wildcard purchases, daily XP, and more. The team claims that while these caps may have seemed like a good idea at the start, the frustration of not being rewarded consistently for your performance might not be the optimal way to go.

“Our goal is to give you the ability to get what you want, how you want,” the devs wrote. “We think this set of changes will maximize your ability to experiment with different cards, ensure a faster and more reliable ‘time-to-deck’, and will keep things accessible for every LoR player.”

Progress caps aren't just being taken off of free-to-play systems in Legends of Runeterra. Limitations on wildcard purchases are also going away.
Progress caps aren’t just being taken off of free-to-play systems in Legends of Runeterra. Limitations on wildcard purchases are also going away.

Below, you can check out the major changes headed to progressions in upcoming patch 0.9.3.

Earn unlimited (and improved) Vault rewards

  • Level 2+ includes an Expedition Token (previously awarded at level 10).
  • Level 5+ includes a random Champion card (you can Braum Wave goodbye to bad luck Vaults with no Champions)
  • Level 10+ includes a Champion Wildcard (replaces level 5 random Champion card).
  • Beyond Level 13, unlock additional, unlimited capsules, each of which contains at least 3 Rares and 2 Commons, with a chance to upgrade to an Epic or Champion Capsule

Earn unlimited XP

  • PVP wins in Normal / Ranked and Expeditions net you at least 200 and 100 base XP (respectively), every time. Play as much as you want!
  • AI wins will always provide at least 50 XP going forward

Purchase unlimited wildcards

  • No more weekly stock in the store
  • Alternatively, you can directly purchase cards in the Collection tab using Coins (cost is identical to the equivalent wildcard)

With wildcard store limits going away, make sure you know how wildcards work with our currency guide.

Easily and consistently play Expeditions

  • Entry is 2000 Shards or 200 Coins.
  • Combined with the Token in level 2 Vaults, those who love the mode will be able to play Expeditions more easily and less expensively. (Note that rewards have been reduced to compensate, and the guaranteed random champion has been moved to the Vault. Additionally, you’ll be reimbursed some of the value lost from existing Tokens in your inventory, and Expeditions started before the change goes live will receive the previous set of rewards.)

With these changes set to come to progression, the stifling caps should hopefully keep players from feeling like it’s not worth their time to play after a certain point or feel unrewarded by a system that somewhat penalizes or drags their rewards down for playing often. Want to capitalize and knock out some decks you’ve been waiting on? Be sure to check out our best starter decks or check out our other Legends of Runeterra guides for more tips and strategies.

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