Life Is Strange: True Colors Is The Next Installment In the Series

Life Is Strange: True Colors Is The Next Installment In the Series

Square Enix revealed the next chapter in the Life is Strange series, called Life Is Strange: True Colors. Unlike previous games in the series, it won’t be released episodically, and the whole game is hitting all platforms on September 10. If you haven’t played the rest of the series, you can buy the first two games (but not the third, strangely) along with True Colors in a bundle.

The game stars Alex Chen, a young woman who comes to mountain town Haven Springs to reunite with her long-lost brother. Then, somehow, her brother dies and Alex must find out what happened. The twist is that Alex can sense people’s emotions in a colorful aura around them — red for anger, blue for sadness, etc. She can also feel their emotions and risks their emotions overriding hers.

As with all Life is Strange stories, the interactions with other characters are the backbone of the story. Haven Springs is full of small towns, as is typical for small towns, and Alex will have to uncover them all to find out what happened to her brother. Alex has two possible love interests, Ryan and Steph (the latter being a character from Before the Storm). The game is also more open than previous games in the series. According to Square Enix, “…you can roam the streets, stores, and hidden spaces of Haven Springs, solving puzzles and helping the local townsfolk with your power.”

True Colors will be launched on PS4, PS5, Stadia, Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. According to Square Enix, it won’t be released episodically, but all at once. The Ultimate Edition will include remastered versions of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm. The Deluxe Edition will also include outfits for Alex inspired by previous characters, as well as a side-story starring Steph.

Source: Square Enix Blog

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