‘Man Vs. Missiles’ from Spiel Studios Just Got a Major Update Adding Lots of New Content and a New Bonus for VIP Players

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Spiel Studios’ Man Vs. Missiles (Free) hit iOS a while ago and it has been regularly updated with more content and features. After a big two year celebration update a few months ago with the version 6.0 update, Spiel Studios is back with a brand new update adding new content and a new VIP Player bonus. The version 6.5 update just went live on iOS. All players get 2000 bonus coins for free with this update as well.

Man Vs. Missiles 6.5 brings in 10 new levels, 3 new planes, and a new Plane Transform power up which switches your current plane into a random plane for 10 seconds. The power up lets you try out new planes without buying them. VIP Players now have the option to revive themselves without watchign a video or using up any coins. There are in app purchases to remove ads or buy various things within Man Vs. Missiles. Man Vs. Missiles from Spiel Studios is available on the App Store for free. Have you played Man Vs. Missiles or Man Vs. Missiles: Combat yet?