Metaversal Launches New NFT Curation Company

The metaverse-focused company produces and invests in iconic NFT projects and key enabling technology

MIAMI BEACH, OCTOBER 28 — Metaversal, an innovative holding company that co-produces, curates, and invests in iconic NFT projects and the key technology that unlocks the metaverse, is thrilled to announce its official launch today.

Metaversal is the first company to combine a venture studio and investment firm focused on NFTs. The venture studio serves as an indispensable partner to artists, brands, and other holders of intellectual property, guiding them into the new digital renaissance and turning their powerful stories into evocative NFT projects. In addition to co-producing and curating, the company underwrites each project and identifies the best technology and pathways to engage target audiences. Metaversal’s investment arm commits capital to essential companies that enable the metaverse to thrive, and selectively acquires unique NFTs for its corporate collection.

“Metaversal was created to help bridge the gap for creators navigating between the conventional world and the rapidly growing metaverse, and investors who want to participate in its growth,” said Metaversal Co-Founder and CEO Yossi Hasson. “We have assembled a world-class team that is uniquely positioned to craft the infinite stories of our culture.”

“The hypergrowth across the NFT ecosystem marks the dawn of a new, multi-trillion dollar creator economy,” said Metaversal Co-Founder and President Dan Schmerin. “Value, community, and ownership are being redefined by the decentralization of culture and content, and Metaversal will play a leading role in building this future alongside the world’s most recognizable brands, creators, and IP owners.”

Noun #9 was the first NFT acquisition by Metaversal, and is indicative of the company’s focus on revolutionary projects that embody community, ingenuity, and innovation. Metaversal chose to join the Noun community early in order to become actively involved in the development of that extraordinary network. Additional NFTs are added to the corporate collection each week, with an emphasis on productive assets that can benefit from Metaversal’s constructivist investment strategy.

Holaplex was the first NFT infrastructure investment initiated by Metaversal, representing a unique opportunity to support a no-code-required, easy-to-use platform that empowers creators to build their own NFT marketplaces, stores, and generative drops without needing an engineer.

Metaversal has already embarked on numerous NFT-related initiatives in its venture studio, including a visual arts project alongside former Executive Director of the International Center of Photography Mark Lubell and acclaimed film producer Donald Rosenfeld. “Photography, film, and all of the visual arts will find profound, exquisite new forms of expression through NFT projects that we are thrilled to fully realize for years to come in partnership with Metaversal,” said Lubell and Rosenfeld. Metaversal is also proud to support cutting-edge projects with its first Artist-in-Residence: Bitchcoin creator Sarah Meyohas.

Metaversal’s founding team benefits from a combination of diverse backgrounds and unique expertise across cultural sectors, blockchain technology, and other relevant disciplines. Co-founder and CEO Yossi Hasson is a tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist, gamer, and early adopter of blockchain. He was formerly Managing Director of Techstars Blockchain, and a Co-founder of SYNAQ and the African coding school WeThinkCode_. Co-founder and President Dan Schmerin is an operating executive, investor, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in finance, corporate strategy, and public policy. Schmerin previously served as CEO of UOVO Art, Director of Investment Research at Fairholme Capital Management, and in senior roles at the White House, State Department, and United States Treasury. Anne Bracegirdle, Vice President of Business Development, is the Co-Founder of the Art & Antiquities Blockchain Consortium and joined the team from the fine art world, having developed the Art+Tech Initiative during her tenure at Christie’s, along with leadership roles at Superblue and Convelio. Creative Director Sam Brukhman is a classical music conductor, founder of the Verdigris Ensemble, and creator of the first programmable classical music NFT entitled Betty’s Notebook.

Metaversal was launched in collaboration with CoinFund, a leading blockchain and crypto investment firm that serves as the company’s strategic partner and initial investor. “We are thrilled to support Metaversal as a strategic partner and investor. CoinFund is an early investor in the NFT market, and NFTs remain one of our most active areas of research and investment. CoinFund is committed to a close collaboration with the Metaversal team, a truly exceptional investment and venture studio trailblazer in this exciting new arena,” said Jake Brukhman, Founder and CEO of CoinFund.

Metaversal will host an event during NFT.NYC to celebrate its launch, where James Beard award-winning chef Rocco DiSpirito’s Fractals of Taste, the first custom NFT recipe in the world, will be unveiled.

Metaversal is an innovative holding company that combines a venture studio and investment firm focused on NFTs. It co-produces, curates, and invests in iconic NFT projects and the key technology that unlocks the metaverse. Metaversal’s mission is to invest in the infinite stories of our culture.