Michael Bay’s Pandemic Thriller Faces A Snag, As Union Blocks It From Shooting

Michael Bay is making a pandemic movie–because of course he is. But the film is now facing new controversy, as one of the biggest trade unions has told its members to not work on the film.

Deadline reports that SAG-AFTRA has informed members to avoid the movie, Songbird, because it “failed to complete the signatory process and is therefore not signed to any applicable SAG-AFTRA agreement.” The production company apparently did not file the necessary paperwork regarding health and safety measures related to COVID-19.

The producers, Invisible Narratives, told Deadline that they expect this “Do Not Work” order to be resolved in due to course after it completes some paperwork.

A spokesperson for SAG-AFTRA told the site: “The producers have not been transparent about their safety protocols and that is something we obviously take very seriously.”

Songbird, which is described as a “pandemic thriller,” is said to be using an “unusual” method of filming in Los Angeles. The exact specifics around this, however, have not been confirmed, and there is no word yet on a cast for it. Bay is producing the film, with Adam Mason set to direct.

As we reported earlier, Songbird is being compared to Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield, implying that it will be found footage. It will be set two years in the future, in a world where the current COVID-19 pandemic has not dissipated, and the virus has continued to mutate beyond control.