Microsoft Has More Unannounced Games Set For 2021

Microsoft Has More Unannounced Games Set For 2021
Microsoft Has More Unannounced Games Set For 2021

When it comes to Microsoft, it looks like the company is attempting to turn things around for their line of software. Most would say that Sony dominated the last-generation of video game console platforms due to the number of exclusives and strong first-party software releases. However, when the Xbox Series X was slated to launch, Microsoft went out of its way to start acquiring more studios for their pool of first-party studios.

Microsoft for instance picked up Obsidian Entertainment, a reputable RPG developer who had just put out Grounded exclusively for Microsoft while also still supporting their previous release before Microsoft’s acquisition, The Outer Worlds. That wasn’t the only big purchase Microsoft made for the Xbox brand. If you don’t recall, Microsoft made some massive headlines when they unveiled their purchase for ZeniMax Media, a company that had several studios under its umbrella including a behemoth of a development studio, Bethesda.

However, it looks like Microsoft is gearing up to bring out more video game titles that were slated to launch in the marketplace this year. Those video games have yet to be unveiled, but this news comes from the Microsoft Director of Program Management for Xbox, Jason Ronald. The individual spoke with the Iron Lords podcast where Jason unveiled that there were more Microsoft video games in the works for release this year but has yet to be officially announced.

Of course there’s no more details other than that. We don’t know just how many unannounced projects were set to be unveiled for release this year if they will be launching anytime soon along with if they are strictly Xbox Series X/S platform releases or if we’ll see them alongside the last-generation Xbox One console. For now, all we can do is wait and watch for the big reveals as they happen.


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