‘Minecraft Earth’ 0.20.0 Brings Challenge Season 4, Epic Buildplates in the Store, the Vanilla Squid and Albino Cow Mobs, and More

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This month’s second Minecraft Earth (Free) update has just arrived in the form of patch 0.20.0 on iOS and Android that started rolling out a few hours ago. While prior updates allowed for enjoying the game more while indoors, the newest ones are back at bringing in new challenges and mobs. Today’s update which is the R20 update and it adds Challenge Season 4, Epic Buildplates, two new mobs, and more. The update also improves shadows.

Challenge Season 4 “Dark Forest” is now available letting you complete challenges to unlock new items for your character. Epic Buildplates and Large Biome Buildplates are available in the store as well. The two new mobs are the Vanilla Squid and the Albino Cow. With this update, you can now stack split your Hotbar before heading off on an adventure. Minecraft Earth is now available on iOS and Android. Check out our forum thread for the game for more discussion. Have you been playing Minecraft Earth often and what do you think of the pace at which new content and features are brought into the game?