Monster Hunter Rise Demo Analysis Reveals Frame Rate and Resolution

Docked and undocked numbers for the upcoming game have been uncovered.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise’s launch is on the horizon, and ahead of that imminent release, Capcom recently released a free demo for the game, which will be available throughout all of January. The demo has clearly been a popular one (to the extent that it even crashed the Switch eShop when it went live), and as you’d expect, it’s revealed some details on the game.

VG Tech recently did a tech analysis on the demo (which you can view below in full), revealing the frame rates and resolutions of the game. In handheld mode, it runs at a resolution of 960×540, while in console mode, that’s kicked up to approximately 1344×756. The game maintains a solid and steady frame rate of 30 FPS across both modes, while the UI is rendered natively at 1080p when docked and at 720p when undocked.

This is, of course, just the demo, so there is a chance that Capcom might have improved the resolution further for the final product. This close to launch, you shouldn’t expect any major, significant improvements though, and these may very well end up being the final numbers.

Monster Hunter Rise is out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 26.