Monster Raising Game ‘Monster Rancher 2’ from Koei Tecmo Is Coming to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch This Fall in Japan

Last year, Koei Tecmo brought the original PlayStation Monster Rancher to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in Japan. The monster raising simulation RPG series has had multiple releases across different platforms over the years and a port of the original hit mobile and Nintendo Switch in Japan last year. A localisation has still not been  announced as of this writing. Today, Koei Tecmo announced a port of Monster Rancher 2 for the same platforms. This port will include new content and improvements for mobile and Nintendo Switch. Monster Rancher 2 debuted back in 1999. Check out a screenshot (via Famitsu) of the upcoming release below:

It is possible we see more about this at TGS 2020 which is an online event. Hopefully Koei Tecmo will look into localising this and Monster Rancher on both mobile and Nintendo Switch. As of now, they are only available or announced for Japan. If you’re interested in checking it out the first game, you can buy Monster Rancher on the App Store in Japan. Have you played Monster Rancher on any system before?

[Source: Famitsu and Gematsu]