‘Morphite’ Was Just Updated with Support for 120hz Gameplay on Newer iPad Pros and Native Resolution on iPhone 11 Devices

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Morphite ($0.99) from We’re Five Games and Crescent Moon Games was updated with iPhone X support and iCloud save support a while ago. Since then, the game hs slowly been getting new content including a Free Flight Mode across Solar Systems. When the game released, we picked Morphite for our Game of the Week. It has since then also been released on Nintendo Switch. Today, Crescent Moon Games just released a big update for Morphite. Watch the launch trailer for it below:

Morphite now has full support for iPhone 11 devices. This includes native resolution on iPhone 11 devices. For newer iPad Pro models, Morphite now supports the 120hz refresh rate for even smoother gameplay. This is the first big update for the game in a while. To celebrate this update, Morphite is down to just $0.99 on the App Store. It was already worth buying for me at full price. If you’ve been holding off for a discount, now is the time to jump in. Check out our forum thread for Morphite here. Have you been playing Morphite since launch or did you check it out on Nintendo Switch?