My Hero Academia Season 5 Is In Production

Surprising no one, My Hero Academia will be getting a fifth season. An announcement at the end of the fourth season’s final episode confirmed MHA’s continuation and teased that the fifth season was in production. The exact release date is unknown at this time, but since the next installment is still in the works and given what’s happening in the world, it’s likely we won’t see Season 5 this year.

The fourth season ended with Endeavor’s showdown with a Nomu, and if the anime continues to follow the manga’s progression (i.e. no fillers), the fifth season should pick up during the joint training arc. During this part of the story, Midoriya and the rest of class 1-A join up with 1-B to do some more leveling up and honing of their abilities. Season 5 might also cover some of the Meta Liberation Army arc, which gets into Tomura Shigaraki’s backstory as well as new moves made by his crew.

If you want to get a jump on Season 5 and see what it’s likely going to cover in the manga, Viz Media publishes My Hero Academia in English online.

A movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, was also released earlier this year on February 26. You can read GameSpot’s thoughts on My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Reviewer Jordan Ramée says of the film, “There’s plenty to love about My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising–it manages to inject an exciting and compelling side story into the anime–but its conclusion dashes much of that goodwill with a single line of dialogue. Until that moment, though, Heroes Rising is a good superhero movie that manages to satisfyingly sell the theme of its central conflict.”

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