Nathan Drake’s Voice Actor Doesn’t Know Anything About An Uncharted 5

Nathan Drake’s Voice Actor Doesn’t Know Anything About An Uncharted 5
Nathan Drake’s Voice Actor Doesn’t Know Anything About An Uncharted 5

When it comes to Naughty Dog, the studio is well-known for delivering some big video game title hits for the Sony PlayStation brand. This first-party studio has been around for years and they got one of their first big worldwide hits on the original PlayStation console, Crash Bandicoot. However, years later the studio is known for delivering some immersive and highly detailed cinematic experiences for the video game industry. It’s left quite the mark on the PlayStation line of consoles, but there’s hope that one franchise this studio has been known for will make a big comeback.

With the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 console platforms, Naughty Dog brought out the Uncharted IP. It was one of their big cinematic-style video game experiences where players stepped into the role of an adventurer named Nathan Drake. Taking players all around the world in big action-adventure storylines that threw in evil corporations and supernatural elements, the Uncharted franchise has had gained a massive following. Unfortunately, for fans of the franchise, it was seemingly coming to an end with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Naughty Dog stated that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End would be the last installment for our hero Nathan Drake, but we did receive a spin-off title after with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, although that title mainly followed Chloe Frazer for the storyline. Meanwhile, those that we’re hoping for a new mainline installment to come out into the marketplace will find that there’s nothing official at the moment and that’s exactly what the voice actor for Uncharted’s leading protagonist, Nathan Drake will tell you.

Nolan North is the voice actor behind Nathan Drake and he was recently asked about an Uncharted 5 during a Q&A at Metrocon. According to Nolan North, he has no insider information about any new Uncharted video game but expressed his interest in jumping back into the game. For now, we know that Naughty Dog has a few video game projects in the works but we don’t know just what they are at the moment so we’re left waiting on just what studios ends up delivering for the PlayStation 5 console platform.

Source: Gamerant

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