Nemesis second form boss fight – Resident Evil 3

A guide on how to beat Nemesis second form when you fight it in the Clock Tower Plaza in Resident Evil 3.

The Nemesis second form boss fight in Resident Evil 3 sees Nemesis return to try and stop Jill once more. This fight takes place in an enclosed area in the Clock Tower Plaza. Though not required, using the grenade launcher makes this fight a cakewalk.

Nemesis second form – Clock Tower Plaza fight

The second fight against Nemesis, also known as its second form, takes place shortly after the train ride out of Raccoon City. To make this fight easier, take a look at our own David Craddock taking down Nemesis second form!

The trick to the fight against Nemesis second form is to use the grenade launcher. At this point in the story, you will gain access to mine grenades. These cannot be crafted like the other ammo and grenade types, so use them wisely. How to do that is rather simple: when Nemesis starts running around the perimeter of the area, shoot a mine along its path. When Nemesis gets close, the mine will explode and send it crashing down into the arena. This gives you a lot of time to deal damage.

However, for those that might have left the grenade launcher in the storage box, or those that want to save ammo, it’s possible to use something like the pistol to knock Nemesis down. Alternatively, Nemesis will climb to the top of the tower and try to dive bomb you. Dodge out of the way to gain a few moments to deal damage.

For those that aren’t using the grenade launcher, performing a perfect dodge is absolutely essential. This will basically allow you to get in damage for free. It’s also worth ensuring you’ve got as many of the weapon upgrades as possible before this point.

Fighting Nemesis in its second form is going to take some time if you’re not using the grenade launcher. If you are using the grenade launcher, make good use of the mines to knock Nemesis to the ground. Check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for even more boss fight guides and collectible locations.

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